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Swiss Snow League

Blue League Snowboard, from 8 years

In the Blue League your child learns easy slopes and how to ski the terrain safely as well as the first turns and tricks.

In Blue Prince/Princess your child learns:

  • Behaviour on the slopes (FIS rules)
  • Edging in the traverse 
  • Edging to fullbase riding
  • Using the T-bar lift
  • skidded turns

In Blue King/Queen your child learns:

  • Warming up
  • Turns using rotation techniques
  • Waltzing
  • Wheelie
  • Jumping with both feet in the air on a slope

In Blue Star your child learns:

  • Behaviour in the snowpark
  • Riding Switch
  • Speed check
  • Fifty/Fifty on an easy box
  • Hitting small jumps

Red League Snowboard

Your child learns how to ride the slopes and the snowpark safely and dynamically.

In Red Prince/Princess your child learns:

  • Small Freestyle glossary
  • Turns using stretching and bending techniques
  • Powerslide
  • Ollie/N’Ollie on the slope
  • 180° on the slope 

In Red King/Queen your child learns:

  • Nature, forest and the environment
  • Carved turns
  • Slide on the slope
  • Ollie/N’Ollie 180° on the slope 
  • Basic Air

In Red Star your child learns:

  • Information about Swiss Snow Academy
  • Riding off-piste 
  • Frontside Noseturn
  • Backside boardslide on a box
  • Straight Air

Swiss Snow Academy Snowboard

Turns, tricks and airs on and off the piste, in the snowpark and on the pipe characterize the Swiss Snow Academy Snowboard.

In Snowboard Slope you learn:

  • Information about preparation of equipment
  • Turns – Short turns
  • Turns – Carving Switch Basic Turn 
  • Race – riding over bumps and dips & riding gates
  • Tricks – Backside Noseturn
  • Tricks – Slope trick combos
  • Airs – 360°

In Snowboard Freestyle you learn:

  • Information about competition
  • Airs – Shifty Air
  • Airs – Grab Air
  • Airs – Spin Air
  • Box/Rail – Boardslide
  • Box/Rail – Boxtrick
  • Halfpipe/Quarterpipe – Basic Run/Straight Air

In Snowboard Freeride you learn:

  • Information about safety, avalanches and weather forecast
  • Safety – using an avalanche transceiver, reading avalanche report, choosing lines and stopping places
  • Turns – Turns adapted to the terrain
  • Turns – Riding moguls
  • Turns – Powderspray
  • Turns – Powdertrick
  • Airs – Powderkicker/Jumps over natural obstacles