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Swiss Snow League

We teach according to the standards of the Swiss Snow League and our snowsport instructors are trained according to the national training model of the Swiss Snowsport Schools. They create effective learning situations for children of all ages and specifically support the learning progress.

Learning goals ensure learning success

The learning objectives in the levels from beginner to advanced are set by the Swiss Skischool. The Swiss Ski School Lenk implements them in the holiday region Lenk-Simmental. Thanks to this unique uniform model, your child's learning success in snowsports can be guaranteed throughout Switzerland, regardless where you are planning your next holidays.

Swiss Snow League Booklet, the personal identity card

The learning progress is recorded in the Swiss Snow League booklet. This personal identification card is valid in all Swiss Ski and Snowboard Schools in Switzerland. It guarantees the optimal development of your child in snowsports in Switzerland from beginner to expert. The snowsports instructor decides whether your child is ready for the next level and notes it in the booklet. The assessment is not based on a test or a score.  

Swiss Snow League medal, the symbol of success

The efforts and motivation of the child for the learning progress are rewarded. With each completed level your child will also receive the Swiss Snow League medal. This medal is awarded on Friday after 5 half days of lessons.

Placement in the right teaching level

The Swiss Snow League is, like the slope classification, divided into three levels of difficulty: "Blue", "Red" and "Black". These three levels are further divided into Prince/Princess, King/Queen and Star. If your child fulfils the learning content of the respective league, he or she is ready for the next level.