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Group lessons are not only suitable for achieving optimal learning progress in snow sports, overcoming fears, recognizing risks, gaining confidence or safety on the ski slopes. The social contact with like-minded people in skiing and the social atmosphere are equally important. Team spirit supports individual performance and strengthens the common experience in the snow and forms friendships.

Learning goals: In group lessons, the goals, the contents and the training plan are set together with the snow sports instructor of the Swiss Ski School. At the same time, there is the opportunity to work individually with the ski instructor on your own skiing technique. A daily supportive feedback from the ski instructor about the learning progress brings you a step closer to your plan to learn, refresh or improve your skiing skills.

Successful learning means: acquire - apply - strengthen - complement

The adult ski group lessons are divided into the learning groups "beginner", "advanced" and "expert". The transition from one learning group to the other is fluent and constructive. The individual learning ability and learning speed determine whether and how quickly you move from one learning group to the next. If the learning objective of the following learning groups is achieved, you are ready for the next level.

Ski Group lessons adults

2.5 Std. pro Halbtag, Mo.–Fr. Price
1 Half day
10:00-12:30 71.00 CHF
2 Half days
10:00-12:30 139.00 CHF
3 Half days
10:00-12:30 195.00 CHF
4 Half days
10:00-12:30 248.00 CHF
5 Half days
10:00-12:30 299.00 CHF

Snowboard Group lessons adults (with kids classes)